Stallions News · Important Eligibility Info: Athletes must register with Planet HS

All Athletes at South Pointe High School will need to register and complete 5 part process to be placed on eligibility form to participate in sports. If not completed, the student will not be placed on team roster.

Follow these steps:

Text S628 to 69274. After doing so, you will receive a text back asking for you to click on the line and from there you will be sent to SIGN UP page


go to and click SIGN up on the top right of the screen.

Fill out all Account Information ( make sure to select appropriate Student/Parent/Faculty or Staff account type). If you are both parent and staff, select Staff, hit sign up after completing information

After signing up, you will be taken to the My Linked Accounts page if you are a student or parent ( Not Staff). Enter phone number/email address associated with your parents account if you are the student or students number if you are the parent. IF the person you are sending this invitation to does not already have an account, that is ok. The invitation will still be sent requesting them to sign up and link accounts. Select send.

Click on Athletic Forms

Click on all sports that you are interested in playing for the upcoming school year (Fall/Winter/Spring)

If you are a middle schooler participating at the high school level, please add the high school in the Additional School Participation section

Complete all forms: Upload Physical (Dr. portion only) and birth certificate as pictures

If you have any questions, talk to your coach or email Coach Hare, Athletic Director, at