Stallions News · Return to play guidelines

South Pointe High School will begin fall sport conditioning with strict social distancing guidelines and limited numbers on June 15th. Plans are in preparations in Cross Country, Volleyball, and Football with Cheer tryouts coming later in June and open  swim dates in July.  The guidelines were developed by the SCHSL with input from the CDC, DHEC, and the Medical Aspect Committee. The safety and well-being of athletes, coaches, and staff is the main priority and the district is in the process of training coaches and athletic trainers on what is allowed withing the guidelines. The guidelines put forth by the SCHSL are a three phase plan. Phase one is an acclimatization period for the athletes with conditioning and weight training for the first two weeks on the calendar or first 10 practices. After that period, equipment may be used but on an individual basis. If the equipment changes hands, it must be sanitized before another individual may use it. Weeks of planning and  preparation by the district and athletic department have been ongoing and the June 15th date was agreed as the start up date. It is essential that the health and well-being of the student athletes, coaches, parents, and fans come first. There is not a set date on when phase one will end, but all eyes will be on the first several weeks of phase one to see what improvements can be made or if there are any setbacks.

Highlights and rules of the guidelines:

  • SPHS can have nine individuals and a coach in a facility (one field is a facility, one gym, one wt room), facility must be cleaned after each use – we have already ordered sanitizer, masks, signage, cleaning supplies
  • No equipment for first 10 practices or 14 calendar days
  • After 14 days or 10 conditioning practices, balls can be brought out but no sharing of equipment
  • AT will check athletes in – ask questions about health and take temperature – if temp is 100.4 or higher, athlete sent home to be tested (quarantined 14 days)
  • Athletes with pre-existing conditions such as HBP, asthma, diabetes, lung disease – will need doctor approval to condition(separate from the physical)
  • Social distancing will be enforced with athletes no closer than 6 ft during drills, 12 ft in wt room – no spotting
  • Mask are worn by all coaches all the time and athletes when they are not actively participating
  • Must bring own water bottle – cups will be available
  • Athletes will arrive at staggered times to avoid waiting in lines
  • No locker rooms will be used or coaches offices – coaches and athletes will come dressed and leave in same clothes
  • All athletes and parents must sign a COVID 19 Release Form before they can participate and have a physical (Click Here for New Form) uploaded to planetHS dated after April 1, 2020.
  • Conditioning starting on June 15th will be for fall sports only and signups will be done ahead of time. Will post how to signup on website later this week.

For questions, you may call the athletic department at 803-980-2140 or email the individual coaches

Volleyball – Mike Deyton

Football – DeVonte Holloman

Cross Country – Trish Sacco

Swim – Adam Rainey

Girls Tennis – Enrique Saavedra

Competition Cheer – Rebecca McAteer